MBBS IN India vs MBBS in Abroad

MBBS Admission in India vs MBBS Admission in abroad

Let us have a general discussion in a comparative manner of medical undergraduate (MBBS) degree in India and abroad. Well MBBS today is one of the decorative degrees. An MBBS degree allows medical aspirants to practice doctrine. The degree provides initials Dr in front of the name. Today we will discuss about the pattern of MBBS course in India and abroad. We provide mbbs admission through management quota in India and abroad

Let us make a table to compare the mbbs course structure in India vs Abroad


MBBS IN INDIA                                                        MBBS IN ABROAD


Well, MBBS is an undergraduate degree i.e bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery. In India, this degree includes 5 years of rigorous study and practices. 4 years of study in medical college and one year of internship in any recognized hospital. This is easy if you go to countries like China, Georgia, Ukraine but it’s like catching a tiger by its tail in countries like u.s .a, u.k,  Canada.
If you plan to do M.B.B.S in India you’ll have to clear NEET and have a good score in your 12th-grade exams especially in subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. So here the choice matters and also if your coming back to India after with just an ug degree for any country all need to clear F.M.G.E to get you registered as a medical practitioner in India with M.C.I
so if you have cleared above then you should be wise in choosing the college and paying a hectic fee in private draining your parents saving or if you get in government medical college ur parents money is safe and also you’ll get. which might cost you a year or more based on your capabilities. But if you complete ug and pg from USA OR UK you’ll have a red carpet welcome to practice in corporate hospitals but don’t imagine govt institutions bias FMGE stands in your way.
MBBS is a total of 5 years course after that the pg is done in different medical specialities. Easy to get your postgraduate M.D or M.S speciality in the same country where you did u.g
The students who get higher marks in their 10+2 examinations having Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects get admission in public medical universities. However, students with high marks who do not belong to reserved categories often do not get enrolled in public medical universities.

he MCI Screening Test or the Medical Council of India Screening Test is an examination held under the supervision of National Board of Examinations in India. It is also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). If you are planning to study MBBS in abroad, it is mandatory for you to pass this exam to be able to work as a licensed medical practitioner in India after returning.

The fees of private medical colleges in India is exorbitantly high and continues to jack up, even more, every passing year. Generally, the private medical universities cost around Rs. 35 lakhs or above. Some universities cost Rs. 15 lakhs per year but none of them cost lower than this. Call 9916439069

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