BAMS Admission

Bams admission involves bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda.Bams is a bachelor’s in ayurvedic medicine and sciences.We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Bams course Admission

The BAMS course duration is 4 and half years. The Ayurvedic Education in India is currently monitored by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), which is a statutory Central Government body.

Hello, we provide direct BAMS Admission in most reputed colleges of India.We have made more than 400 direct bachelors of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (BAMS) Admissions in India.Well, today I will throw some light on the process of direct admission in BAMS,by the announcement of CCIM i.e central council of Indian Medicine any private BAMS college can avail 15% of total allotted seats for direct admission purposes.So,there should be no hesitation regarding BAMS admission through management quota.We believe in making the relationship, not clients.For direct Bams admission call:-+91-8904650533. There is a huge scope for BAMS. In coming future.We provide bams admission. Bams admission through MANAGEMENT QUOTA. For Admission call 8904650533. We provide top private ayurvedic colleges in lowest fees structure.

We have experience of last 10 years in providing direct admission in BAMS in top private Ayurvedic medical college at best package.This is an open letter from my side to all medical aspirants who prepare well for MBBS since the competition is high many of you won’t be able,secure medical seats in MBBS.So don’t get worried you all still have options to go for direct admission in BAMS.Many of you think that BAMS is not that much-reputed course,But let me justify you all with a popular quote made by the Times of India “People who think that BAMS has no future potential then please see its time reform your thinking ,We need More ayurvedic doctors by 2018 since the current doctor to patient is 0.5,Even the NCBI is also persuading people to choose career in Ayurveda.For Direct Admission in BAMS  call:-+91-8904650533.The Indian government is also trying people to start their medical career in BAMS.

For direct Bams admission call:-8904650533

Direct BAMS Admission

If you are still in doubts let me clear your doubts:-

let me clear your thoughts:-

  • Today there are many promising opportunities for BAMS graduates they can seriously go for private practice,Academic teaching,Research work,managing and administration and Drug manufacturing.
  • When a student plans to pursue a career in academics, it is necessary to do post graduation. Students, who cannot get an opportunity for MD, can go for post graduate diplomas available in various subjects such asPanchakarma, Balrog, etc.

  • Go for Direct admission in BAMS,The Average package of doing BAMS is around 8 to 10 lakhs total for 41/2 years,whereas the total package for MBBS is 75 lakhs to 1 crore.We Provide direct admission in BAMS at the best package in all over India.
  • For students who are not interested in clinical practice but want to have a career related to the medical field, there are ample choices. MPH (Masters in Public Health), MHA (Masters in Health Administration) and MBA (Hospital and Healthcare management) are in great demand.
  • In the manufacturing sector, production of Ayurvedic medicines is a booming business. Apart from actual manufacturing, other allied aspects such as cultivation of medicinal plants, trading raw materials in the form of powder, extracts, oils, etc., are also in great demand. Not only medicines but also Ayurvedic cosmetics and food products have the equally big market. It is the need of time that many Ayurvedic graduates should come in this field and use their knowledge and skill.
  • So go with us we will surely not let you down, we have a legacy of 10 years we have done more than 350 Direct admissions in BAMS.
  • We make relationships, not clients.
  • All the course syllabus for BAMS and MBBS are the same, the only thing is that through BAMS you will learn to treat every disease with natural practices.
  • Choose us for direct admission in BAMS and make the great career which has huge potential in the entire world.

Why us?

  • WE make the relationship with our clients and coordinate with them before and after admission procedures.
  • We help them with our expert reviews and 11 years of experience in direct BAMS Admission.
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  • We maintain 100% transparency throughout the admission process.
  • We work on our service charge only, with no hidden payment gateways.
  • We put you together with us,in front of college administration.
  • We deal with each client separately and clear all their doubts, before admission.
  • We have the better connection with direct college management.
  • Most honest and value added service provided to your ward by our team.

For direct admission in BAMS

Call : – Mr. Preetam, +91-8904650533.

BAMS Admission in Private ayurvedic colleges is as per previous year. That is can retain their management quota seats this year also.So by our experience, we can tell you that. This year would the last year in which NEET would not be compulsory in India for the in taking of BAMS, BHMS AND BUMS SEATS. For BAMS Admission we can help you with getting direct BAMS seats in private Ayurveda colleges. All private Ayurveda colleges in India have 15% of their total seats as management quota. To get BAMS Admission in top private Ayurveda colleges of India at best packages. You all can surely rely on us.

Well, this year that is in 2017.The Central council of Indian medicine has declared that NEET will not be re